Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Colossians 2:13-15 (part 2)

Nothing is better then being made alive in Christ! The most awesome thing about being made alive in Christ is the fact that ALL of our sins are forgiven. Let me repeat that in case you missed it...ALL...yes, I said ALL our sins are forgiven. Did I mention that ALL our sins are forgiven. Well what had to take place for Christ to take away all of our sins?

First of all, if Christ is not fully God and fully man all in the same body then it was not possible that Jesus could take all of our sins. We have been made complete and full (fully forgiven) in Christ because he was able to be to propitiation of our sins. He would have not had the authority to do this otherwise. Without Jesus being fully God and fully man, our sins would still be a mill stone slung around our necks.

Second, Christ had to be willing to take on a criminals torture in order to nail our sin record or "certificate of debt" to the cross. In bible times, a certificate of debt was an official document written in a debtors handwriting that they used to acknowledge their debt to the indebted. Christ on the cross acknowledge this document and then canceled the debt by "taking it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross".

To sum up the points: Christ had the Godly authority as well as perfect human existence to qualify as a sacrifice that would allow our sin record to be canceled.

On top of all of this, Christ not only forgave ALL of our sins (which is more then enough) he also disarmed all other "demonic powers" that may utilize false power of us. I love how Colossians 2:15 says "He made a public display of them, having triumphed over them." In modern day terms, Jesus slapped 'em all in the face and showed He was da man!

Now that ALL of our sins are forgiven and ALL powers have been triumphed over, what do I need to do now? Well, being free from legalistic powers and the shame and burden of my sin records frees me live a life used to glorify God. I can now access the power of the Holy Spirit to move towards the fruits of the spirits. I can work to be sanctified (made more like Christ). I have no more hoops to jump through, I have only a God to glorify!

Prayer: Thank you Lord for canceling my debt. Thank you for being willing to take on human form to come and be the sacrifice that I could not be for myself. Neither my sins nor false rulers and authorities have power over me. Holy Spirit, reveal to me the sins that I hold so dear and guide me towards your glorification. Since I am no longer a slave to sin, let me be a bond slave to God!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Colossians 2:13-15 (part 1)

Can a non-believer truly understand the saving power of what went on when Jesus died on the cross without confessing with their mouth that Jesus is Lord and humbily repenting from their sins? In verse 13, When you were dead, shows right there that there is NO life without the saving power of Jesus Christ. Here it just shows that even though I am living, I am dead in my "tresspasses and sin". I could even say that even though I am living, I am in a never ending downward spiral of bottomless and unfulfilling self-fulfillment. This downward spiral of bottomless and unfulfilling self-fulfillment is why my commentary on these verses says that this word "dead" does not mean annimilation from this earth, rather it means spiritual seperation from God. There is no possible way for you to be serving two "spiritual" masters as it refers to in the gospels. Either you are serve and glorify yourself or you are striving to serve and glorify God, you canNOT have both: the actions are too contrary.

Well, since we are dead, seperated, selfish, unable to glorify God on our own accord then we basically come to a very quick conclusion that we have no chance. However, we a so quick to miss the the tense of the pharse. PAST TENSE! When we are talking about death and suffering and eternal damnation, I am so glad I realized that this death (seperation from God) is now in the past. The next phrase after "when you were dead" seems to be contridictory and only possible after a lengthy explanation of why. You used to be dead, but he made you ALIVE.

In my eyes, these two very simple phrases are the things that drive men mad. How can I go from seperation, spititual annihilation, self-glorification to love, joy, peace, patience, kindness etc. and only have it seperated by a comma? How can it be that someone I hated through my selfish actions, I now long to give glory to through my actions? How can I now be alive and inherit the crown of life, an eternal life of glory, and not have done any physical action to earn it other then confession and belief? It blows me away that the same power that Christ used to be risen from the dead in order to be made alive is the same power that can take a spiritually dead, sinning man (just like me) and ressurect his life in order to make him spritually alive.

So, can a non-believer truly understand the saving power of what went on when Jesus died on the cross without confessing with their mouth that Jesus is Lord and humbily repenting from their sins? Well first the non-believer must begin to understand the death that has them intangled. We must first see our death, in order to accept the life that is freely given to us.

Your power is unbelievable at times. I just don't see how such a great God would ever let me into heaven. However, the best thing is: you don't just want to let me into heaven, you are longing to have a relationship with me. You want to be my daddy. You not only want me to give you glory, but you are more then willing to give me power that is greater then any earthly power. I just don't get it, but I am thankful and humbled and forever indebted to you. I will strive to live my life to glorify you!